Trending September 2023 # Are There Legit Apps To Make Money? # Suggested October 2023 # Top 10 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Are There Legit Apps To Make Money? # Suggested October 2023 # Top 10 Popular

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Sometimes, it seems the only way to make money online is by scamming other people with ‘money-making strategies’. Almost everywhere you look on the internet, you will find someone coming up with ways that you can make money.

Legitimate apps have a valid business model.

They tell you how they make money from their clients/partners.

They tell you exactly how much money you are going to make.

The money is relative to the amount of output that you provide.

They have flawless reviews, with users singing praises for their legitimacy.

They do not harvest any of your personal data for profit without you knowing about it.

They have a strong community.

Based on the criteria above, here are 3 apps that we know to be legitimate that can help you make money.

Honeygain is quite open about its business model, you are paid based on the amount of bandwidth you share (you can even be paid in Bitcoin if you wish along with the standard PayPal withdrawal), and the app does not require any of your personal information. On top of this, you can refer your friends to give them $5 and receive 10% of their lifetime earnings.

Considering the fact that you are basically paid to do nothing but keep the app running, Honeygain is the easiest way to supplement your income with some additional cash.

Using Honeygain is easy as well. Simply download Honeygain, set it up, and let it make you money in the background.

Earny is another legitimate app to make money. The concept is simple: There are consumer protection laws that entitle you to a partial refund if the product that you purchase drops in price within a certain amount of time after your purchase. However, it is almost impossible to track all your purchases.

Earny does this for you by tracking all of your retail and credit card purchases. Of course, this does mean that you need to provide your credit card details, but Earny does have a clear business model. It takes a 25% cut from all of the refunds that it helps you get. Considering that you won’t be seeing this money otherwise, Earny is a great way to make additional money without any effort.

Snapwire is the last app that we are looking at. It connects you with businesses that require certain types of photos. You can then use your phone’s camera to snap those photos and earn points. The points can then be converted to cash and withdrawn.

You can also upload photos of your own choice and make a portfolio. If someone likes your photo and wants to use it, they can pay you to acquire the rights to that photo. This way, you can upload the photos that you think might be useful to businesses and people, and make money eventually down the line.

We just took a look at some of the notable characteristics of legit apps to make money, followed by 3 apps that we know to be legitimate. From these, Honeygain is our favorite, as it can be used by anyone and pays a handsome reward for basically doing nothing. However, avid photographers and shoppers can also make a hefty sum of money from the other two apps.

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