Trending September 2023 # Best Video Player For Windows 11 # Suggested October 2023 # Top 16 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Best Video Player For Windows 11 # Suggested October 2023 # Top 16 Popular

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Therefore, in this article, we’ve talked about some of the best video players for Windows 11 in detail. We’ve handpicked these mentioned video players based on different aspects, such as user interface, ease of use, features, etc. So, if you’re also searching for a media player for your Windows 11 PC, read this guide until the end and choose the best one for yourself.

How to Choose the Best Video Player For Windows 11

Here in this section, we’ve talked about all the necessary features you should consider while choosing the best video player for your Windows 11 PC. 

Intuitive Interface: Whatever video player you select for your Windows 11 PC should feature a simple and clean user interface. An easy-to-use user interface will help you get the most out of it without putting much effort.

Essential Features: Another thing you should consider while choosing the best video player for your system is that it comes with all essential functions. For instance, it should come with all necessary playback options, such as rewind, fast forward, slow, next/previous, etc. It should also allow you to create playlists like the default Windows Media Player.

Support All Possible Video Formats: One of the most important things you should consider while choosing a video player for your system is that it supports almost all popular video and audio formats, such as MP4, MP3, MOV, WMV, AVI, AVCHD, etc. 

Best Media Player For Windows 11

So, here are some of the best media players that work well on a Windows 11 PC. Let’s know about the first video player. 

VLC Media Player is the most renowned video player on this list, as it has been in the market for several decades. It comes with a simple and interactive user interface, which makes it easy to use for everyone, even non-tech-savvy users. Along with an intuitive interface, it also comes with all the must-have features that make the viewing and listening experience more seamless.

You can use VLC Media Player to play high-quality video and audio files without any issues, no matter what the quality is, whether it’s in 4K or 8K. The best part about VLC Media Player is that it supports almost all video file formats, such as MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, MKV, WebM, and any other file format you can think of. One thing that distinguishes it from other video players is that it doesn’t ask you to upload codec packs to play video and audio files.

If you also record videos from special cameras like Insta 360, GoPro, etc., then you can easily play those 360-degree videos in VLC Media Player without any issues. Like other media players, it also comes with all essential playback functions, such as play, pause, previous next, shuffle, random, and others. 

One thing we really found useful about this media player is that it lets you play audio and video files in the program by just entering the URL or path to the media you want to play. We found this feature so useful.

VLC Media Player also comes with a built-in Audio and Video Equalizer to improve the sound quality by adjusting the volume of different frequency bands as per your preferences.

Also, if you still like to download movies on your system and watch them, then you should know that VLC Media Player also lets you play movies with subtitles. You only need to upload the subtitle file to the VLC Media Player program.


Free and Open-Source

Works Really Fast

Offers Video and Audio Stream Download Options

Easy To Use UI

Customizable User Interface

Allows You To Preview the Output During Conversion

Supports Popular Codecs


Zero Video Editing Features

The next media player that holds second place on our best video players for Windows list is POTPlayer. POTPlayer has everything you’ll need to take your video and audio playing experience to the next level.

This media player comes with a user-friendly interface, which is pretty similar to KMPlayer’s user interface. So, if you’ve used KMPlayer earlier, you can easily use this media player.

Moving further, it comes with an excellent set of features, which we think no other media player offers. For instance, this media player lets you open DVDs, Blu-ray playlists, and analog/digital TV files. You can even open and play videos and audio from your FTP server and URL, just like VLC Media Player. 

Another thing that’s worth mentioning about POTPlayer is that it also has an integrated Screen recorder tool that lets you record the POTPlayer’s screen without any third-party software.

We would also like to mention that it also comes with a native Video and Audio Equalizer. The Video Equalizer lets you enhance your video’s quality by increasing/decreasing the video’s brightness, hue, saturation, and contrast.

On the other hand, the Audio Equalizer lets you choose from various pre-added presets, such as club, classical, dance, techno, etc. One thing that discerns it from other media players is that you can even play broken and incomplete AVI files using it.


Built-in Video and Audio Equalizer

Advanced Video & Audio Editing Feature

Integrated Screen Recorder

UI Customization Options

Support for 360-Degree and 3D Video


UI Is Easy to Use But May Take Some Time To Learn

Moving over to its features. Like other video players, it also lets you play videos of all file types. This is because it supports almost all popular video and audio file formats, such as .avi, .ogm, .mkv, .mp4, .k3g, .ifo, .ts, .asf, .wmv, .wma, etc. Like VLC Media Player, GOM Player lets you play 360-degree videos recorded by special cameras like Insta 360.

It also comes with a native Audio and Video Equalizer. You can use the Video Equalizer to adjust the clip’s brightness, hue, saturation, and contrast to enhance the viewing quality. Furthermore, the Audio Equalizer can be used to adjust the level of different frequency bands to enrich the listening experience.


Excellent Format Support

Subtitle Finder

Codec Search Tool

Supports Custom Keyboard Shortcut


Installer Includes Potentially Unwanted Programs

5KPlayer is one of the best alternatives to Windows Media Player. It’s known for its essential and powerful features. Like other media players, it also lets you play videos of all file formats seamlessly without any issues. In addition, you can also play 4K and 8K resolution videos without losing quality.

This means, you won’t need to stake your viewing experience while using this media player. One thing we liked the most about 5KPlayer is that it has an integrated Online Video Downloader tool which lets you download videos from more than 300 sites. The list includes some of the most popular video libraries, like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Instagram, etc. 

5KPlayer also comes with Hardware Acceleration support. When you enable the Hardware Acceleration support, it uses the system’s graphic resources to play videos in high resolution without any broken quality issues. This feature indeed improves the viewing experience.

Another thing we liked the most about this tool is its built-in DVD player to play DVDs. So, if you have a great collection of DVDs, this feature will come in use a lot. Most importantly, it also has some essential editing features that can help you with basic video-editing tasks.

You can use these options to change playback speed, color balance, audio, etc. Lastly, one feature that drew our attention the most is the integrated Wireless Streaming feature backed by AirPlay technology. It lets you stream the media playing on your computer in 5KPlayer on other devices in seconds.


Online Video Downloader

Customer Support Works Well

Wireless Streaming

Supports All Media Formats

DLNA Enabled Media Streaming

No Plugin Required

Easy-to-Use UI


A Bit Confusing for Beginners

Another Windows media player that deserves a place on this best media player for Windows 11 list is MPV Player. MPV Player is an excellent Windows media player utility that comes with a unique user interface. Its user interface is unique compared to other alternatives mentioned in this guide.

Coming over to its primary features. Besides a basic interface, it also has an essential set of features. We tried playing several high-resolution videos in MPV Player, and it single-handedly provided high-quality video output without any issues. It also supports almost all video file formats, such as MP4, AVI, WMV, ASF, MPEG, MPV, M2V, MTS, DPG WebM, AMV, DivX (Format of DivX Player), etc.

Like other video players, it lets you play YouTube videos in the player by dragging and dropping the video link in the program. It also shows all essential playback options, such as play, pause, next, previous, speed, etc. Overall, MPV Player is an excellent Windows video player with a basic user interface and features.


Essential and Beneficial Features

Provides High-Quality Video Output

Ability to Add Subtitles

Support Numerous File Formats


Complicated to Install, As It Comes in Standard Zip Format

Lacks a Lot of Advanced Features

DivX Player is a popular Windows media player that has been in the market for over two decades. It would be wrong to call it a standard media player, as it lets you do much more than just play high-resolution videos and audio. Starting with its user interface. It comes with a simple and clean user interface, making it easy to use for beginners.

DivX Player also lets you play videos in these mentioned file formats, such as AVI, DIVX, MKV, and MP4. You can watch 360-degree videos in high resolution using this media player. Most video players let you open files from the system, FTP servers, DVDs, etc.

But this media player is pretty different from other multimedia players. It lets you easily upload videos from cloud storage like Google Drive and DropBox. But the worst part is this feature isn’t free. You need to buy DivX Pro to use this functionality. 

Moving ahead, it also features a Screenshot tool that lets you take a picture of a particular frame in the video. We personally didn’t find it so useful. But it would be great for music artists who like to take album art from their videos. One of the best features of this media player is that it lets you play YouTube videos in the program without downloading them.

No doubt, it saves a lot of time and effort. You’ll definitely love this feature. Also, if you’re someone who doesn’t rely on online playlists and believes in creating your personalized playlist, then this media player is the best to go with, as it lets you do so with ease. What we liked the most about this tool is its integrated Video converter tool.

Using this tool, you can convert your video into any format in seconds. At last, it also has a built-in Audio Enhancer. You can use the Audio Enhancer tool to add sound effects to your audio and make it more enjoyable. Nothing new in it, but it also lets you watch movies and shows with subtitles.


Intuitive and Elegant Interface

Best for Newbies

Runs Super Smooth

Unique Features Are Being Offered


Free Version Has Limited Features

Some Features Are Paid

Installs Slowly

Shows Ads

This not only lets you play audio and video files, but it also lets you easily edit them with its powerful video editing feature. Even though other media players also come with some video editing tools. But this has a few extra useful editing features compared to them.

For example, this media player has a Crop feature that lets you trim your videos and audio. It also has an integrated Conversion tool that lets you convert video into audio in seconds. You can even choose the audio’s export quality as per your preferences. 

One of the best features of PowerDVD is that it lets you play HDR, 4K, and 8K resolution videos without any issues. In addition, you can also watch 360-degree videos and get an immersive viewing experience.

Another feature that makes it stand out from other Windows media players is its CyberLink Cloud feature which offers you 100GB of cloud storage to store your video and audio files. Once you’ve uploaded all your videos to this vast cloud storage, you can play them anytime.

Similar to the default Media Player, it also allows you to create playlists of your favorite songs and videos according to your liking. When you open the PowerDVD program on your system, you get a YouTube tab in the left-sidebar. It shows all the trending YouTube videos in one tab. You can also sign in with your Google account to play content from your subscriptions within the program.

One thing that caught our eyes the most was the TV Mode. The TV Mode lets you cast your PC’s screen to your smart TV or other streaming devices, like Chromecast, Apple TV, etc., to enjoy movies on an enormous display.

At last, this media player also features TrueTheater image correction and enhancement technology, which increases the clarity of the video and audio to provide you with an immersive experience.


Supports 4K, Blu-Ray, and 360 VR Content

Comes With Big-screen TV Mode

Built-in TrueTheater Image Enhancement Feature

Supports Image Stabilization

Customizable User Interface

Easy to Use 

Extensive Playback Options

Subtitle Support


Sometimes Casting Doesn’t Work

Doesn’t Work Properly With Netflix

8. KMPlayer

Moving over to its primary functions. This media player lets you quickly play media files (both audio and video), no matter what the file type is. This is because KMPlayer supports almost all audio and video file formats you can think of. You can even play Blu-ray playlists, which makes it even more likable and pickable if you’ve some playlists with you.

One thing we liked about this media player is its URL Download feature. This feature automatically pulls video or audio from third-party online sites, like YouTube, Facebook, etc., and directly plays them in the media player without downloading. But this feature doesn’t work fast, like other media players with the same tool.

Besides this, it also lets you play 360-degree videos captured by special cameras like Insta 360. Also, if you like watching videos in VR, you can do that with this media player, as it has a built-in VR Mode. Like other media players, it also lets you watch movies and videos with subtitles and enjoy them. 

There are very few chances that you’ll use this media player to play songs. But if you’re going to use it for this purpose, then its built-in Audio Equalizer tool will help you a lot to tailor your music listening experience.

No doubt, this media player has commendable features. But it misses major essential features. For instance, it doesn’t have the Cast feature, which we think should be there, as it comes in use a lot. Other than that, it’s an excellent media player, especially for beginners.


Free to Download and Use

Simple and Clean UI

Very Short Learning Curve

Plays 3D & 360 Videos

Integrated VR Mode

Built-in Screen Capture Tool


Consumes a Lot of Resources While Playing Videos

Works Slowly

Sometimes, the Integrated URL Download Tool Doesn’t Work


What’s the Best Video Player for Windows 11?

Does Windows 11 Have a Video Player?

Yes, Windows 11 comes with a new media player utility named Media Player. This has an intuitive interface and all kinds of essential features to play audio and video files and manage them in one place with ease. Besides this, it also has the classic and our favorite media player, Windows Media Player Legacy.

Is VLC Available for Windows 11?

What Is the Default Media Player in Windows 11?

Windows Media Player comes as a default media player in Windows 11. But you can also set a third-party media player as the default video player to open and play .mp4 and .mp3 files. You can do this from the Default apps section of the Settings utility.

Is VLC Still the Best?

Which Is Your Favorite Video Player For Windows 11?

There are tons of third-party media players available out there. But choosing the best one is too complicated. Therefore, we discussed the best video players for Windows 11 in this guide. We hope the mentioned options helped you pick the best media player for your system. 

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