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Trending September 2023 # Complete Guide To Mongodb Hosting # Suggested October 2023 # Top 18 Popular

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Introduction to MongoDB Hosting

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In this article, we will have a look at some of the most efficient available hosting platforms and features to look at in the platform while choosing it for hosting Mongo DB.

Selection parameters –

Price –

The choice of the deployment platform varies with respect to the use case. The most important parameters to look at while choosing a Hosting platform for Mongo DB are price and features, The price becomes the most important feature. We can take the trials r free tiers provided by the hosting service first and then decide whether to go for it or look for an alternative cheaper solution. Many of the hosting services provide the feature of free trials.


The second important parameter is how effective the provided features are of the hosting platform. Let us discuss some of the features that should exist and should be provided in a good hosting platform for Mongo DB –

Performance – Performance is usually measured in terms of speed and time duration. How good is the upload and download speed rate of the platform affects the user experience the most?

Support system – It is a very crucial feature because if you are purchasing that platform and using it for deployment then case if while doing some operations you face problems, then the support system will be there to help you out and assist you with any inconvenience. A strong support system is a must parameter to look upon while selecting your hosting platform.

Backup provision – This is the other factor that needs to be considered in the platform because in case of any unavoidable situations and circumstances if there is any kind of data loss happening then the availability of backup and help you to restore the system to the original state. There are some platforms that provide you the feature to extend the size limits of the backup space for your database.

Types of Hosting Popular Hosting Platforms

There are many managed hosting platforms available in the market. Here we will have a look at some of them.


MongoDB has provided this service which is completely cloud-based and consists of many features such as replication, clustering, sharding, and simplification of the user interface to manage the configuration and management of the database. We can host GCP, AWS, or Azure which are the available options. The companies that use Atlas for hosting include SEGA, 7-ELEVEN, KPMG, InVision, harmony, etc.

Provision of a free tier is provided where you can explore all the features of the atlas which include shared RAM, storage of 512 MB size and replica sets, encryption, patches that work automatically, and the REST APIs. There are also many of the additional features that include backup, 10 GB additional storage, performance optimization tools, global clusters, etc.


This is an enterprise-level global cloud service provider platform that can be used by companies that are small, medium to large scale. The centers are present in Middle East areas, Asia, Europe, and America. This platform is a good option when you know that there are higher chances of extension in the future because it provides an uptime of 99.95% where we can extend the number of servers, add load balancers, additional network firewall, storage, and private networks as per our need.

A2 Hosting

This platform is used at an extensive level and is recognized for Joomla, Drupal, Word press, and Magneto. The platform is very sophisticated and provides many features which are performance-oriented and developer-friendly. We can also host many other databases including SQLite, MariaDB, and Mongo DB.


This is DBaaS which means Database as a service that is a fully managed and automated solution for hosting Mongo DB database. Along with MongoDB, this platform also supports the hosting of other databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, etc.

This platform provides you with two options which are to get cloud of your own choice like Azure, Digital Ocean or you can go for a cloud that is completely dedicated for you. Also, it provides you the option of choosing a replica set server or a standalone server when you go for getting your own server.


The hosting of Mongo DB can be done by using various options which include self-hosting of managed platforms. There are many managed platforms available in the market. To choose the best one you’re your requirements you can take a trial given by this platform and explore all the features. Further, the most important factors to consider while choosing your platform for hosting should be the features provided and the pricing of the platform.

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