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Trending September 2023 # Comprehensive Guide On Test Harness # Suggested October 2023 # Top 9 Popular

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What is ​Test Harness?

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Why do we need ​​Test Harness?

Below given are some of the points highlighting the importance of test harness in testing any software application

Gives the right path before performing the testing of any application.

It helps to measure the code coverage which is very helpful for developers in the early stages of testing.

Helps in the testing of a specific module of an application even if the other modules are undeveloped through the use of Stubs and drivers.

Automates the whole testing process which in turn helps in increasing the overall productivity of a project.

Helpful in handling difficult situations like communication with various libraries, and other tasks which are sometimes difficult for testers to deal with it.

Generates the enhanced reports of the test results by comparing the test results.

Test harness supports the debugging of the test cases executed at the same time.

Role of the Test Harness​ in Automation Testing

In Automation testing, test harness refers to the framework that contains the test scripts (general y written in any programming languages like Java, Python, Ruby, etc) and the test data (which is stored in a file, any other physical location or dynamical y provided at run time) to run the above created test scripts, gather the results of each test script and providing the enhanced charts/ reports for the test results by comparing the actual and expected data. All the data, conditions, scripts, results and software are a part of the in Automation Testing.

Role of the Test Harness in Integration Testing Features of Test Harness

Below given are some of the important features

To execute the automated test scripts using the predefined framework or test harness.

To record the results of the various test scripts executed.

Provide debugging of code using test harness.

Providing help to developers by providing the code coverage at the code level.

Increasing the speed of the testing process by performing automation testing.

Comprises of all test tools, test scripts, and test data which are required for the execution of test cases.

Test Harness Tools

Below mentioned are the 2 tools that are commonly used in the test harness

1. JUnit

​Junit is an open-source framework written in Java language used to create and run the automated test cases and perform the unit testing of the Java program or the applications written specifical y in Java.

2. NUnit Difference between Test Harness and Test Framework

Some people always get confused between the test harness and test framework. But there is a minute difference between the two and as a tester or developer, it is very important to understand it. The test harness is a collection of software, test data, test scripts, stubs and drivers whereas Test Framework is a set of procedures and the environment in which automated tests are designed. Test Harness is used in the above two mentioned scenarios, i.e. Integration and Automation testing whereas Test Framework can be used for various testing like data-driven testing, keyword testing, hybrid testing, etc. Test harness does not al ow the testers to record and playback the execution of test scripts whereas Test Framework allows the record and playback of test cases.

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