Trending October 2023 # Computer Science Vs Data Science # Suggested November 2023 # Top 18 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # Computer Science Vs Data Science # Suggested November 2023 # Top 18 Popular

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Difference Between Computer Science vs Data Science

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Let us study more about Computer Science vs Data Science in detail:

Computer Science vs Data Science differs in computation and data, whereas computing is the field of operating methods on data. In contrast, data science is the field of studying, maintaining, transforming, storing, and processing different formats of large volumes of data.

Data Science is a multi-disciplinary subject with data mining, data analytics, machine learning, big data, the discovery of data insights, and data product development being its core elements. It needs mathematical expertise, technological knowledge / technical skills, and business strategy/acumen with a strong mindset.

The hardware aspects include Electrical and Electronics subjects in Computer Science and deal more with computing subjects and academics apart from Information technology.

Comparison Between Computer Science vs Data Science (Infographics)

Key Differences Between Computer Science vs Data Science

Below are the lists of points that describe the key difference between Computer Science and Data Science:

Computer Science is the field of computations comprising different subjects such as Data Structures, Algorithms, Computer Architecture, Programming Languages, etc. In contrast, Data Science comprises mathematics concepts, such as Statistics, Algebra, Calculus, Advanced Statistics, and Data Engineering.

Computer Science teaches us how processors are built and work and the memory management in the programming areas. Data Science gives us a view of how data can be used to study how it will be stored, processed, and manipulated to reduce redundancy and make it meaningful for further usage.

Computers Science gives us detailed insight into the utilization of computing machinery and its applications. Data Science reveals how to extract information and Knowledge from data in various forms.

Computer Science sub-areas include computations, probabilistic theories, reasoning, discrete structures, and database design. Data Science includes Simulation, modeling, analytics, machine learning, computational mathematics, etc.,

Computer science is the main branch, whereas Data Science is a branch of Computer Science.

Computer Science is entirely about building and utilizing computers efficiently, and Data Science is about safely handling the data.

Computer Science is altogether computing, whereas Data Science is data computing.

Computer Science deals with algorithms with more focus on software engineering and development. Data Science combines three fields’ data engineering, maths, and statistics.

Computer science deals with scientific ways of finding a solution to a problem. Data Science deals with finding a way to organize and process data.

Computer Science has numerous research areas to pursue and excel in career, whereas Data Science research areas have been recently evolving and expanding, which provides us with more options.

Computer Science vs Data Science Comparison Table

The basis of comparison between Computer Science vs Data Science Computer Science Data Science

Definition Study of Computers and their Computation Technologies. Study of various forms of Data to extract some information.

Usage Technological Growth and Advancement. Managing Data.

Benefits Speed and Performance. Reduction in Data Redundancy.

Real-Time Usage Maintenance and Handling of large volumes of customer data.

Academics Exists since for many years. It has recently evolved and developed a branch of science and technology.

Industry Basic Science to Become a Computer Software Professional. Data Scientists / Analysts are the professionals to become after studying in this field.

Applications This applies to all technical industries and large-scale companies. This applies to companies where large-scale sensitive data is to be managed.

Field It covers the entire technological area, a superset of Data Science. A subset of computer science where the study of data is done by using different methods and technologies.


Finally, Computer Science and Data Science are two different fields but come under the same umbrella when getting them to apply for the use of technologies. Computer Science allows us to use the technologies in computing the data, whereas Data Science lets us operate on the existing data to make it available for practical purposes. There are a lot of opportunities in Computer Science vs Data Science, and there are even several Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral degrees too in the level of academics.

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