Trending September 2023 # Fix Discord Mic Not Working In Windows 11/10 # Suggested October 2023 # Top 17 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Fix Discord Mic Not Working In Windows 11/10 # Suggested October 2023 # Top 17 Popular

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Is your Microphone not working on Discord in Windows 11/10? No worries, we got you covered! In this post, we will mention possible methods that will help you if your  Discord mic is not working. For a lot of gamers nowadays, Discord has become a primary platform to communicate. However, sometimes you face technical glitches and errors that halt the normal working of the app.

Earlier, we have already discussed the voice connection errors on Discord. Now, many Discord users have reported being facing the microphone not working issue. Primarily, this issue appears to be occurring on Discord’s desktop version. Although, it may arise in a web browser for some.

Why is my mic not working on Discord?

Well, mic issues happen with all of us and the reason may vary for individuals. Here are some common reasons that might trigger the mic issue:

If there is some temporary bug in the DIscord app.

An out-of-date audio driver can be a reason for this problem.

In case the correct mic is not selected in the Discord app.

There can be some other reasons causing the issue. Now, if your microphone is not working on Discord and you can’t be heard, it can become really frustrating. So, fixing this issue becomes crucial. Here are some working solutions for you that should be able to resolve the issue for you. Let’s check out!

Fix Discord Mic not working in Windows 11/10

These are the solutions that you can use to fix the mic not working issue on Discord:

Try some general troubleshooting.

Update Audio Drivers.

Reset Voice Settings on Discord.

Check if Discord is using the correct mic.

Rerun Discord as Administrator.

Enable Automatic Input Sensitivity Settings.

Use Push to Talk as Input Mode.

Let us discuss the above methods in detail now!

1] Try some general troubleshooting

If your mic is not working on DIscord, you can first try some generic fixes to resolve the issue. But before that, make sure your mic is in good working condition. So, do check if your microphone is not working only in Discord or other apps as well. If your mic is not working only on Discord, here are some common tricks to fix the problem:

Close the Discord app completely and then restart it. If there was some temporary issue, restarting the pp might fix it up.

Also, try logging out and then again logging in to your Discord account and check if the problem is resolved.

Try unplugging and then plugging your audio/mic jack back into your computer and see if it fixes the issue. You can also try changing the port of your microphone; this might fix the issue in case DIscord was unable to detect the jack properly.

You can also restart your computer and check if the issue is resolved or not.

If the above fixes don’t resolve the problem for you, try some other method to fix it up.

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2] Update Audio Drivers

The issue that the mic is not working on Discord might be triggered due to out-of-date audio drivers. So, you can update your audio drivers to fix the issue. You can try to update your audio driver manually. Another method to update audio and other drivers is using free driver updater software. Driver update software lets you automatically update all outdated and missing drivers on your PC.

Update the audio drivers and then check if the issue still persists.

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3] Reset Voice Settings on Discord

Now, under the App Settings section, go to the Voice & Video tab. In this tab, scroll down towards the end of the page until you see a Reset Voice Settings option.

Again plug in your mic and see it starts working or the problem still persists. If the issue is not resolved, apply some other solution from this guide.

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4] Check if Discord is using the correct mic

If the issue is not fixed using the above methods, you must ensure that Discord is using the correct mic in the first place. There are chances that Discord has chosen the wrong device as the input. So, here are the steps to check if the correct mic is select as input in Discord:

Tap on the User Settings option present at the bottom-left corner in the Discord window.

Under the Input Device drop-down option, make sure the correct microphone device is selected. If not, select your microphone.

Toggle the Input Volume slider to the maximum volume.

After selecting the correct microphone, check if the mic starts working on Discord or not.

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5] Rerun Discord as Administrator 6] Enable Automatic Input Sensitivity Setting

In some situations, if the Automatic Input Sensitivity setting is disabled, it may cause mic not working issue. You might have changed some user settings and ended up disabling this option. It may cause the Discord app to stop picking up sounds from your mic. So, enable the Automatic Input Sensitivity option by following the below steps:

Scroll down to see an Automatically determine input sensitivity option. Just enable this option and see if your mic starts working.

7] Use Push to Talk as Input Mode

In case none of the above methods works for you, you can try using Push to Talk as input mode. This has reportedly fixed the issue for some users. So, you can also try it and check it fixes the issue for you.

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How do I fix Discord not detecting input from MIC?

You can follow the solutions listed in this article to fix Discord not detecting input from the MIC issue. First of all, try some common practices like restarting the app, PC, device, or changing the audio jack. If that doesn’t work for you, you can check and tweak some user settings on Discord as mentioned in this guide.

That’s it!

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