Trending October 2023 # Fix: Handshake Failed Returned Ssl Error Code 1 Error # Suggested November 2023 # Top 13 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # Fix: Handshake Failed Returned Ssl Error Code 1 Error # Suggested November 2023 # Top 13 Popular

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Fix: Handshake failed returned SSL error code 1 error




When there is no communication between your computer (the client) and a server, your computer may have encountered a code 1 error or a handshake failed error.

A major cause of the code 1 error is an incorrect date and time on the client.

Using services like the SSL labs, is a good way to confirm you are running the correct version for SSL and TLS. 

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A handshake may be used to welcome someone or seal a deal with them in person; the same is true for the internet.

An SSL handshake occurs when devices on a network — such as a web server and a browser — discuss keys, encryption methods, and other parameters about their connection before agreeing to transmit data. During a handshake, browsers and servers may request to examine and validate each other’s SSL certificates.

It’s essential to understand what an SSL handshake is and the different ways to resolve errors around it, including the SSL code 1 error. 

How can I fix an SSL code 1 handshake failed error?

Problems associated with the SSL handshake failing might be caused by an incorrect system time and date on your PC. SSL certificates have limited lifespans and will become invalid when they’ve passed their expiry date.

If the time and date on your computer are incorrect, the certificates will always assume the time has elapsed. 

2. Add the website to your allow list

Because it’s conceivable that your firewall is producing the SSL handshake failed error by blocking your inspection requests, you should attempt this solution.

Note that adding a website to the allow list may expose you to malware, and you should only try it if you are sure that the website holds no viruses.

3.1 Verify your browser is using the latest SSL protocol

Note that if you’re experiencing SSL handshake failed errors, and after running this test, you realize that your client (your device) and server don’t support the same SSL version, you’ll need to upgrade your browser.

TLS 1.2 is enabled by default in most recent versions of major browsers, such as Google Chrome.

4. Use an alternative browser

The handshake error is more common in Chrome, and using an alternative browser could help you avoid this error.

It is also compatible across several platforms and will be a great option regardless of your device.

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Because an SSL handshake is a critical step in ensuring data security over the internet, this guide has shown steps to resolving your SSL handshake Code 1 error. Now you should be able to create a secure connection between a server and your device.

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