Trending September 2023 # Guide To List Of Cdma Uses In Detail # Suggested October 2023 # Top 12 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Guide To List Of Cdma Uses In Detail # Suggested October 2023 # Top 12 Popular

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Introduction to CDMA Uses

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CDMA and its Uses 1. Military

It has also been used for :

2 . Microcell and in-building Systems

The embedded microcell uses the same frequency as the underlying macrocell and is fully connected to it. At various traffic distributions, the capacity of cells is calculated and simulated. The capacity of a microcell is 1.03 to 1.12 times that of a conventional cell. The combined microcell and macrocell have a capacity of 2.00 to 2.11 times that of a conventional cell. The RF dependability, soft hand-off factors, interference, and power levels of cells are also examined. The RF dependability of macrocells will deteriorate faster than that of microcells. The microcell’s radio hand-off factors are about 11% higher than those of the macrocell. The microcell’s average required forward traffic channel power is around 10% lower than the macrocell’s. Microcell engineering guidelines are also offered for a commercial CDMA system. Findings suggest that integrating the microcell in an existing CDMA network might be an effective method to boost hot-spot and dead-spot coverage.

3. GPS Satellite Signal

The primary frequency L1 and the secondary frequency L2 are transmitted by GPS satellites. Satellites transmit at two frequencies at the same time, however owing to PRN code modulation, their signals do not conflict appreciably. The satellite signals may be isolated and identified using the CDMA approach since each satellite is issued a unique PRN code and all PRN code sequences are substantially uncorrelated with one another. A GPS receiver must repeat the PRN sequence for the chosen satellite together with the replica carrier signal to monitor one satellite in common view with multiple other satellites using the CDMA method. Because the ionospheric delay is connected by a scale factor to the difference in signal time of arrival (TOA) for the low carrier frequencies, two carrier frequencies are given to allow the two frequency users to monitor it. Users of a single frequency (L1) must estimate the ionospheric delay using modeling parameters sent to them in a navigation message.

4. Bluetooth

With a hopping rate of 1,600 hops per second, Bluetooth employs Fast FH-CDMA. Each piconet has its unique pattern of spreading. In Bluetooth, FH/CDMA allows tens of piconets to overlap in the same region, resulting in a throughput of over 1 Mbps. To allow many users to be multiplexed over the same physical channel, CDMA uses spread-spectrum technology and a specific coding system (where each transmitter is allocated a code). Data and speech packets are segregated using codes and then sent across a wide frequency range with CDMA technology.

5. Mobile / Wireless communication 6. Business / Commercial

One of two major worldwide cell protocols is CDMA. It is most popular in North America and some areas of Asia, whereas GSM is most everywhere else. However, with 4G phones, the distinction between the two technologies is essentially immaterial because both may be utilized with two of the primary 4G standards. The CDMA Cellular model set includes logical data models for Enterprise, Business Area, and Data Warehouse that are tailored to organizations that provide or resell CDMA wireless products and services. The CDMA WIRELESS industry data models offer a complete data and reporting architecture to meet the demands of the whole organization. CDMA also offers high-speed push-to-talk and push-to-email capabilities for commercial use. The ability to utilize a mobile phone as a walkie-talkie device is provided via push-to-talk. These services are excluded from the carriers’ service costs, making CDMA cost-effective.

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