Trending October 2023 # Here’s The Fix For “Why My System Is Running Slow” Issue # Suggested November 2023 # Top 14 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # Here’s The Fix For “Why My System Is Running Slow” Issue # Suggested November 2023 # Top 14 Popular

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Here’s The Fix For “Why My System is Running Slow” Issue

The Fixes For “Why My System is Running Slow” Issue 1. Reboot The System Properly

Whenever there is any issue with the device, rebooting the system varies accordingly & that is why one must know the ways of rebooting the device before actually rebooting it from holding on to the Power button to giving Ctrl + Shift + Delete command.

2. Continuous Background Programs

Sometimes you have no clue but there are many apps that are running in the background whenever you switch on the PC. Means while you are working on a document or preparing a presentation & you are experiencing a slower speed while shuffling through apps or processing time, too many programs in the background can be one of the possible reasons.

So you need to be a bit aware about those applications or programs that can slow down the PC including the antivirus (scanning in the background) or startup programs. Too many startup programs just when you start your PC can definitely give you a hard time.

3. Delete Temp Files

The more you use your computer, there are chances that those many temporary files will get stored on your hard drive. & since we know these unnecessary programs aren’t going to affect anything on your computer, let’s flush them out using below steps:

1. Press Windows Key + R on your keyboard & type in %temp%.

2. Now the temporary files window will open up & here you need to select all the files with Ctrl + A.

3. Go ahead & give your system the command to delete those files permanently (Shift + Delete & Enter).

Sometimes you may not be able to delete all the files because they might be connected to the commands you are giving right now. However, you can skip those & delete the remaining ones.

4. Keep Free Storage Space

This goes without say but filling up anything to the fullest can pour things out & that’s not healthy. So in case you are or have already filled up your system drives to a level that it turned RED, it’s a sign you must understand immediately.

You should start cleaning up your drive & delete the unnecessary or junk files or folders that are catching up the space. The more space there will be, things will become smoother for the system. It doesn’t mean that you clean up the whole drive because that may result in losing out your data. Transfer the data to external storage devices or make a DVD of the data & delete the same from the system. Simple as that!!

This is where you must choose Advanced System Optimizer from Systweak that can improve the overall performance of your PC. Considered as the ultimate PC Cleaner & System Optimizer, this tool is the only Windows Optimization suite you will ever need.

Starting from encountering the unnecessary or junk files to cleaning those drives & making optimum use of them is one of the extraordinary things this tool offers.

To explore more about the best system cleaner, Advanced System Optimizer, visit the official page & get all the details.

Download Advanced System Optimizer

5. Malware, Spyware, or Virus Scanning

One of the most important issues that can make your device slower than a road roller are these bad behaving content. Definitely ready to give you a hard time, these malware/spyware kicks in when we don’t have a secure wall around the system. An effective & reliable antivirus that can guarantee our data & info security against these bad behaving contents.

All we need to do is find the right solution for the problem that we have founded in the form of malware or spyware. Because if you are struggling from these online malware or Trojan attacks, you must look for a one-stop-solution that can build the thickest wall around your system to protect almost anything on your device.

6. Outdated, Fragmented, or Corrupted Drivers

Another issue that can affect your system & slow down the PC is because of the fragmented or corrupted drivers. These corrupted or outdated drivers need to be taken care of because we don’t know what driver is having issues. That’s why we should opt for a tool that can look for the drivers automatically for you & save you from this difficult situation.

Wrapping Up

System running slow is one of the most common problems we face some time in our lives. Some identify the issue & work on it with the help of tools & others take it for granted & become a victim of larger loss. Any which way, you should think about the issues your PC went through & look for solutions like Advanced System Optimizer & Advanced Driver Updater.

So without wasting any more time, let’s make the best use of these tools & keep our system up to date & smooth than ever.

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