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Trending September 2023 # How Doeslabel Work With Examples? # Suggested October 2023 # Top 14 Popular

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Introduction to ASP.NET Label

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How does chúng tôi Label work?

Let us see how exactly the chúng tôi label works.

Open a visual studio and create a new empty web application.

Now add a new web form, which is there in the solution explorer.

Select the label control from the toolbox to drag and drop it on the web form.

Set its Text and ID property from the label control.

We must assign the text in label control to use its text property. To display the text on the label control, simply assign the desired text value to the label’s text property.

We can programmatically change the label’s text using its text property via writing code in the chúng tôi page.

Text= “EduCba”;

Default.aspx.cs Code

Using System; Using System.Collections.Generic; Using System.Linq; Using System.web; Using System.Web.UI; Using System.Web.UI.WebControls; Public partial class _Default : System.Web.UI.Page { Protected void page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { Label1.Test=" Welcome to EduCba"; } } Properties

AccessKey: To create a keyboard shortcut for a label, you can use Accesskey.

TabIndex: It determines the index of tab control for the webserver.

BackColor: We can use this property to help change the label’s background color to enhance the look and make it different colors.

BorderColor: If we want to set the color for the label border, we can use this property.

BorderWidth: This property will allow us to set a particular width for the label border.

Font: We need to set the font for the label’s text then we can use this property.

Forecolor: It is used to set the color for the label text.

Text: Text, which needs to be displayed for the label, is used by this property.

ToolTip: It provides the text displayed when we try to put the mouse over a label.

Visible: It will allow us to set the visibility of the control on the web form.

Height: It provides us to set the height of the label control.

AutoSize: If we need to resize the label control automatically, it will allow us to set its value.

BorderStyle: We can design the border of the label control as per the application requirement.

FlatStyle: It deals with the flat style appearance for label control.

Font: It will determine the font for the text of label control. It will set the value for it.

TabStop: This property determines its value if the user can use the tab to the label control.

TextAlign: It will align the text in the label control.

Example of chúng tôi Label

Below are the examples of chúng tôi Label:


<%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeBehind="WebControls.aspx.cs" .auto-style1 { width: 150%; } .auto-style2 { margin-left: 0px; } .auto-style3 { width: 102px; }

GetPreferredSize: It retrieves the rectangular area’s size into which a control can be fitted.

Refresh: It will immediately redraw itself and any dependent control, if any. Also, force to control to invalidate its client area.

Select: It activates the control.

Show: It will display the control to the user.

ToString: It will return the string, which has the name of the control.

There is some Label control given below:

AutoSizeChanged: When the value of AutoSize Property changes, this occurs.

GotFocus: When label control receives focus, this happens.

Leave: When input controls leave, the focus of the control label comes under the picture.


We have learned how exactly the labels work in the chúng tôi framework. An example can clarify how to use it to display text in the boxes. In addition, we explore how Labels can be improved through various properties.

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