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Trending October 2023 # Machine Learning Python Vs R # Suggested November 2023 # Top 19 Popular

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Differences between Machine Learning Python vs R

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R and Python are undoubtedly the most loved programming languages for building data models.

R was developed in 1992 and was the preferred programming language of most data scientists for years. Programming Language R was explicitly developed for data analysis by statisticians looking for an open-source solution that could replace expensive legacy systems like SAS and MATLAB.

Python was developed in 1989 and is likely to be the programming language of choice for data science work with a philosophy that emphasizes code readability and efficiency.

Head to Head Comparison Between Machine Learning Python vs R

Key Differences Between Machine Learning Python vs R

Below are the lists of points, that describe the key Differences Between Machine Learning Python vs R

Python comes up with packages NumPy /SciPy for scientific computing, matplotlib to make graphs, scikit-learn for machine learning, and pandas for data manipulation while R provides packages such as dplyr, plyr, and data. table for manipulating packages, a stringer for string manipulation, ggvis and ggplot2 for data visualization, and caret for machine learning.

Python can be used for many different purposes from web development to app development to data science while R is made for core statistical analysis.

R is suitable for all types of data analysis while Python is suitable for implementing algorithms for production use.

R is the go-to language for data analysis tasks requiring standalone computing while Python provides greater flexibility while integrating data analysis tasks with web integration or if statistical code needs to be incorporated into a database.

Python data visualization libraries include Seaborn, Bokeh, and Pygal, while that of R include ggplot2, ggvis, googleVis, and rCharts.

R delivers stunning visuals that are much more sophisticated than the convoluted visualizations of Python.

Python is renowned for simplicity in the programming world and thus is the first choice for data analysts while R is quite challenging to learn and apply. It requires the developer to learn and understand coding.

R is great for exploratory work, visualization, complex analysis While python is better for programmers and developers

Comparison Table Between Machine Learning Python vs R

Top 8 Differences Between Machine Learning Python vs R.

  Machine Learning Python  R

Purpose The vital purpose of Python implementation is to create software products and make the code simple and readable for programmers. R is mainly implemented for user-friendly data analysis and to solve complex statistical problems. It is mainly a statistical-centric language.

Applications Python is the captain of developing various applications in the software firm. It is used to support web development, gaming, data science, and stack increases. R is mainly focused on implementing data science projects, which are focused on statistics and visualization.

Uses Python is used for easy debugging and delves into data analysis R can be mainly used for Research and Academics, statistical analysis, and data visualization

Data Science Python is better for programmers and developers than aiming for data scientists. R will be very efficient for statisticians in the field of data science

Flexibility Python gains a lot of flexibility in the implementation of various applications because of productivity-centric language. R language is flexible in implementing complex formulas, tests in statistics, and visual implementation of data.

Add-ons Python encompasses various modules and libraries for the development of large-scale applications. R encompasses various packages readily available for use.

Ease of Use Python is simple to learn due to its code readability. R is difficult to learn at the starting stage of its implementation.

Graphical Capabilities

Data Processing Significant evolutions are helping data processing faster. Significant evolutions are helping data processing faster.

Definition Python language is a full-service language developed by a Unix scriptwriter.

Robustness Python is still a more full-fledged programming language and is used for many types of web and other applications, in addition to its data science applications. Applications of R in the business world are definitely on a growth trajectory.

External Libraries Both languages have a breadth of external libraries Python’s a bit more mature. Both languages have a breadth of external libraries Comparing Python, R is a bit less mature.

Performance with Big Data While both R and Python can integrate with Hadoop for big data. While both R and Python can integrate with Hadoop for big data, in some situations R is faster comparing Python because of newer R packages.


It is always very tricky to choose tools and languages which provide a wide range of features. The selection between R and Python depends entirely on the use case and capabilities. It’s entirely based on your requirement. If you’re from a quantitative background, it’s better to start with R. On the opposite, if you’re a computer scientist, it’s easier to choose Python. Down the lane- you need to think of the purpose. R and Python If your requirement is data visualizations or data analysis, it will be preferred to choose R but while for coding or project development it will be preferred to choose Python.

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