Trending September 2023 # Magsafe Charging Not Working, Fix # Suggested October 2023 # Top 12 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Magsafe Charging Not Working, Fix # Suggested October 2023 # Top 12 Popular

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MagSafe is the charging technology that first became available with the iPhone 12. MagSafe is both a mounting and a charging system; it includes a magnetic component that is used to secure the iPhone to the MagSafe charger and to attach MagSafe accessories like cases. Some users have had trouble charging their iPhone 12s with their MagSafe chargers. Users affected by these difficulties report that although their iPhone is connected to the MagSafe charger via the MagSafe magnet, their iPhone is not charging. In this article, we will give some troubleshooting tips to deal with MagSafe charging issues.

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About MagSafe

MagSafe chargers use the same Qi charging technology that other wireless chargers use. iPhone 12 can be charged wirelessly using either standard Qi chargers or a MagSafe charger. With a MagSafe charger, however, you are able to charge at 15 W of power vs around 7.5 W for the standard Qi wireless charger. MagSafe chargers can also be used to charge other Qi compatible devices such as other iPhone models and AirPods.

MagSafe Charging Tips

Place charger face up on a flat surface.

Make sure there are no metal objects nearby.

Use a USB 3 power adapter capable of at least 12 W, preferably 20 W, or connect the USB-C to your Mac.

Remove any cases that are thick or contain metal.

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How to Fix

After updating to the latest iOS, and doing a force restart, if you are still having trouble, you will want to determine if the problem is with:

Your MagSafe charger

Your iPhone 12

The MagSafe charger/iPhone 12 as a charging pair

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Update to Latest iOS Force Restart

Many users have found that a force restart will resolve the issue.

Press and release the volume up button, then immediately press and hold the volume down button.

While holding the volume down button, press and hold the side button.

When the Apple logo appears, release both buttons.

Check Your Charge Adapter

A MagSafe charger should be connected to a power adapter capable of at least 12 W. It works best with a 20 W capable adapter. If you are having trouble try plugging into another adapter.

Check the MagSafe Charger

You will want to know if the problem is with your charger. Try charging a different wireless device with your charger. Of course it would be best to test out another iPhone 12, but any device with wireless charging capabilities can at least test that the MagSafe charger can function as a standard wireless charger.

Check your iPhone’s wireless charging ability

Try to charge your iPhone 12 using another wireless charger.

Look at Battery Optimization Settings Apple Support

If none of the above tips have worked for you, you may want to contact Apple Support. You may decide to make a Genius Bar appointment so that an Apple Tech can take a look at your iPhone 12. If you are unsure of your warranty status, take a look at our article: How To Check Your Apple Warranty Status.

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