Trending September 2023 # Steam ‘Your Transaction Cannot Be Completed’: How To Fix # Suggested October 2023 # Top 9 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Steam ‘Your Transaction Cannot Be Completed’: How To Fix # Suggested October 2023 # Top 9 Popular

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Steam ‘Your Transaction Cannot Be Completed’: How to Fix




The Steam Your transaction cannot be completed because you have another pending transaction on your account error prevents you from buying games.

This problem may also be caused by a connection issue within your network or with the game platform’s server.

To bypass this mishap, at least temporarily, you can try to use their website instead of your app.



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readers this month.

Steam is the foremost web distribution platform for Windows games. You can buy and play your favorite titles directly from the app.

This is also an ideal communication tool because you can see and review other users’ experiences and even chat to learn important facts about the game.

What causes the Steam Your transaction cannot be completed because you have another pending transaction on your account issue?

Steam displays this message for certain users when they try to make a purchase. They can’t complete transactions for games when that issue arises.

We, at WindowsReport, have tried to replicate this problem and we encountered a variation with the message There was an error with a recent Steam purchase.

However, the items remain in the cart for 72 hours with the included discount. So, there is plenty of time to solve this problem by performing the steps in our guide.

Why do pending transaction errors occur?

There are only a few reasons why these problems can appear when you’re trying to make a transaction and we will outline them briefly:

➡ Connection errors – The main reason for a failed transaction can be a connection problem with the Steam server, whether it’s caused by a local network issue or the Steam services are down.

➡ Other pending transactions – As the error message clearly suggests, there might be other pending transactions and items in your cart but one of our solutions below will help you fix that quickly.

➡ VPN software issues – Virtual private networks are great for protecting your privacy and bypassing regional limitations but sometimes, they can produce such errors. This too can be fixed with one of our following solutions.

How can I fix the Steam pending transaction error? 1. Check whether Steam is down

Open the Downdetector website and select a country in the drop-down menu.

Enter Steam in the search box on that site to open the page directly below, which provides further details pertaining to Steam server outages.

The pending transaction error might be due to a Steam server outage. OK, that’s not a common scenario, but it might still be worth checking if this service is down.

2. Cancel other pending transactions

You can also cancel your pending transactions by accessing your account on the Steam website. The process is identical. This will give you free access to your new transaction.


After you cancel other pending transactions, think about a different payment method too. There could be an error in processing the payment so try using another credit or debit card.

3. Try purchasing via the Steam website

Of course, this is only a temporary solution but it’s good enough if you only have to download one game.

4. Disable the VPN and the IP proxy software

Expert tip:

On the other hand, you could always try using a VPN service like Private Internet Access that is more stable and causes fewer issues with your Steam client and purchases.

How can I unlock all the features in my Steam account?

If you’re just beginning to use Steam, you probably don’t know why some features that are available for your friends are nowhere to be found.

That’s why we included some information about your basic account and how to unlock all the features.

➡ New account limitations

To prevent any possible fraudulent actions, Steam imposes some limitations on newly created accounts:

You are not allowed to buy or sell items on the Steam Community Market

Can’t add friends on Steam

You’re unable to create a group on the Steam Community

Also, there are no options to produce any reviews or rating any artwork from other members, screenshots, workshop content, or Greenlight submissions

There is also impossible to use the Friends chat in your browser or on a mobile device

➡ Lift the limitations

Of course, if you’re using any currency, the amount will be converted using the daily exchange rates automatically.

Does pending mean that money has been taken out?

We also need to clarify the fact that if you receive the your transaction cannot be completed because you have another pending transaction on your account error, it means that no money has been drawn from your account.

A pending transaction is one that awaits to be completed so, for some reason, the payment has not been issued.

This concludes our guide, and we hope that it provided the fixes you were looking for. You can also set up a Steam support account to send a support ticket if further resolutions are needed.

Even more, we’ve noticed that another annoying problem with this software is that sometimes after you purchase a game, it’s not starting. Well, we have an excellent article on what to do if the Steam game is not launching.

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