Trending September 2023 # Top 15 Email Verification And Validation Services (2023) # Suggested October 2023 # Top 17 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Top 15 Email Verification And Validation Services (2023) # Suggested October 2023 # Top 17 Popular

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Email Verification is the process of verifying whether an email address is valid and belongs to a real person. Its core purpose is to ensure that whatever emails you send get delivered to the inbox of a real person.

Email Verification tool helps you verify a list of emails by checking whether an email exits, is not a catchall, has mx servers configured. It also helps you eliminate hard bounces, reduce spam, remove unengaged users, and ensures whether an email address is genuine or not.

Following is a handpicked list of Top Email Verification Tool Software with their popular features and website links. The list contains both open-source (free) and commercial (paid) software.

Best Email Verification and Validation Tools is an email verification software that helps you extract emails from the website you are browsing. It also allows you to verify the list of emails you have collected for business, your clients, and your customers.


It helps you to verify the validity of any professional email address with the complete email check.

This email verifying software helps you to find email addresses behind any website.

It offers Zapier integration for fast synchronization.

It is one of the best email validation tools that provide verified email addresses for a great score.

Key Specs:

Pricing: Five pricing plans: 1) Free, 2) Starter – $49 per month, 3) Growth – $99 per month, 4) Pro – $199 per month, and 5) Enterprise – $399 per month.

Integration: Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho, and Zapier.

Supported Platforms: Windows and Mac.

Zerobounce is a bulk email validation tool that helps you to detect more than 30 types of risky email chúng tôi uses military-grade data encryption to protect your files during the email verification process.


Identifies many spam traps that may be lurking in your list.

Disposable Email Check.

You can connect the email verification API to check emails in real time.

It helps you to identify domains known for abuse, spam, and bot-created emails.

It detects email belongs to a free domain and if it’s toxic or disposable.

Offers feature for MX Record Detection

Key Specs:

Pricing: 1) Up to 100 email – Free 2) Up to 2000 email- $0.008 USD, 3) 5000 email- $0.00078 USD

Supported Platforms: Windows and Mac.

Bouncer is an Email Validation and Verification Service User-friendly email verification and list cleaning tool. It helps you analyze the quality of any email list for free and instantly get an estimated bounce rate.


GDPR Compliance by Design, Hosted in the best European data centers.

Easy to use, do business with, and smooth to implement

Real-time & Bulk Email Verification API.

Key Specs:

Pricing: Four pricing plans: 1) Apprentice – 10,000 email verifications $20/per month 2) Adept- 25,000 email verifications -$100-300/ per month 3) Master-50,000 email verifications- $500/month. 4) Enterprise-1,000,000 email verifications- Custom price.

Integration: Mailchimp, Hubspot, Sendinblue, Pabbly, Aweber, etc.

Supported Platforms: Web, Windows, and Android.

FindThatLead is email-finding software that helps you to manage the email address list with ease. It is one of the best email validation tools that help you with domain search, lead search, and finding new prospects for your business.


Offers services to leverage social media accounts.

It enables you to find prospects you need with better accuracy.

Key Specs:

Pricing Plans: Three pricing plans: 1) Growth – $49 with 5000 monthly credits, 2) Startup – $150 with 18000 monthly credits, and 3) Suite – $399 with 30000 monthly credits.

Integrations: Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zapier, and HubSpot.

Platforms: Chrome Extension, Web App.

EmailList is an email verification tool that helps you eliminate spam traps, hard bounces, disposable or catch-all emails without breaking your budget. It also improves the deliverability of your email campaigns.


Increases your emails’ sender reputation, deliverability, and conversion rate by sending emails to only real people.

It is one of the best email verification tools that help you stop spending money on spammy email addresses.

It enables you to improve your reputation score.

Key Specs:

Pricing: Six pricing plans: 1) 5,000 emails per day for $139 per month, 2) 15,000 emails per day for $289 per month, 3) 35,000 emails per day for $389 per month, 4) 50,000 emails per month for $589 per month, 5) 75,000 emails per month for $589 per month, and 6) 100,000 emails per month for $989 per month.

Integration: Mailchimp, Aweber, MalierLite, SparkPost, MaliGun, HubSpot, etc.

Platforms: Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based.

Debounce is a simple email validation software that provides multiple integrations with various tools. It can easily connect, validate, and update the email lists from integrated applications like Mailchimp, SendinBlue, and more.


It helps you to upload and verify lists of email addresses quickly and securely.

It is one of the best email verification tools that help you identify catch-all domains.

Removes invalid and hard bounce email addresses.

Its API helps you to verify email addresses instantly on your platform.

It provides your email list as a clean email list to use effectively in your marketing campaigns.

Key Specs:

Integration: HubSpot, Mailchimp, Mailjet, SendinBlue, Unbounce, Moosend, etc.

Supported platform: Web.

MyEmailVerifier is an online email verification application. It is one of the popular free bulk email verifier tools that help remove junk emails to reach more people. This email verification tool performs syntax verification, domain checks, and temporary unavailability detection.


It is one of the best email verification services that helps you to reduce email deliverability problems.

You can instantly validate your email list before reaching your prospects with faster and easy to integrate APIs.

It provides a complete response from the SMTP server with an exact reason for the rejection and diagnostic details.

Assures faster processing of the high-volume email lists in the lowest turnaround time.

You can easily upload your email lists with the drag-and-drop editor or import them directly from your marketing platform.

Key Specs:

Pricing plans: 1) 500 credits for $1.44, 2) 1000 credits for $2.88, 3) 2000 credits for $5.04, 4) 5,000 credits for $12.6, 5) 10,000 credits for $21.6, and more plans with higher number of verifications.

Integration: Mailchimp, GetResponse, AWeber, ConstantContact, SendGrid, etc.

Platforms: Web.

Visit MyEmailVerifier

Clearout is one of the best free bulk email verifiers and email validation tools that guarantee accuracy in the results. It offers a real-time email verification service. It also helps you identify catch-all type addresses to avoid emailing to improve email deliverability hygiene.


It helps you to measure the response time for every email address.

It is one of the best email verification tools that provide the highest industry mail performance ratios for Yahoo and AOL with 96%+ accuracy.

It verifies all kinds of mailbox errors before sending any payload to the given email address.

Removes all duplicate email addresses automatically, and it comes free of cost.

Key Specs:

Pricing plans: 1) 5,000 credits for $31.5 per month, 2) 10,000 credits for $52.2 per month, 3) 50,000 credits for $261 per month, 4) 100,000 credits for $315 per month, 5) 250,000 credits for $562.5 per month, and more plans with higher credits.

Integration: Mailchimp, HubSport, MailerLite, Moosend, Zapier, etc.

Platforms: Web.

9) is one of the best free email verification software. It is a fast and affordable email validation and verification tool that is a part of an all-in-one cold outreach automation platform.


It offers an API service that helps you to integrate email search into your app or CRM.

It has the ability to find a full prospect profile, like name, social profile, location, and information.

This email verification tool allows you to export prospect lists in CSV, XLSX, and Google Sheets formats.

Key Specs:

Pricing Plans: Six Pricing plans: 1) 50 credits per month with a freemium plan, 2) 1,000 credits per month for $33, 3) 5,000 credits per month for $66, 4) 20,000 credits per month for $141, 5) 50,000 credits per month for $241, and 6) 100,000 credits per month for $482.

Integrations: HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Pipedrive, Asana, etc.

Platforms: Web App and Chrome Extension.

10) Mail Tester

Mail Tester is an email verification tool that helps you remove spam traps, disposable or catch-all emails, hard bounces, and invalid email addresses. In addition, it helps you to protect your domain reputation score.


Bulk email verifier algorithm eliminates all the threatening emails from your list.

Allows you to protect your domain reputation score.

It helps you to find bad emails.

It offers integration with Mailchimp, Gist, AWeber, SparkPost, Mailgun, etc.

Key Specs:

Monthly Pricing plans: 1) 3,000 emails for $19 per month, 2) 30,000 emails for $39 per month, 3) 150,000 emails for $79 per month, and 4) 300,000 emails for $139 per month.

Integration: Mailchimp, Viber, Gist, AWeber Spark, etc.

Platforms: Windows and Mac OS.

11) Formget

Formget is an email list cleaning and verification service. It helps you to remove all types of bad emails with invalid syntax. You can also check MX records for valid emails.


Allows you to check mail server connections to validate emails.

It helps to remove and filter greylisted emails.

It enables you to remove and filter all roles-based emails.

You can remove all duplicate emails from the list.

Eliminates hard bounces up to 99%.

Key Specs:

Pricing: Four pricing plans: 1) Staters plan to verify 1000 emails for $4, 2) Rookie plan to verify 5000 emails for $12, 3) Pro plan to verify 10,000 emails for $20, and 4) Advance plan offers 15000 emails verification for $35.

Integration: MailChimp, JotForm, Typeform, Formstack, etc.

Platforms: Web App, Windows, and Mac.

12) NeverBounce

NeverBounce is one of the popular free bulk email verifier and email validation tools. It is used by over 125,000 users worldwide. This email verification tool offers bulk email list cleaning, real-time email verification, and automated list cleaning to verify and clean email lists for the perfect send.


It is one of the best email verification tools that help you connect your email provider for automated list cleaning to ensure accurate and up-to-date data.

Allows you to add verification to your lead pages or wherever emails are collected.

It helps you stop bogus and misspelled emails in your email lists.

Key Specs:

Pricing plans: 1) Up to 1,000 emails for $10 per month, 2) Up to 10,000 emails for $49 per month, 3) Up to 50,000 emails for $99 per month, 4) Up to 100,000 emails for $159 per month, and more plans with higher number of email verifications.

Integration: Act-On, Active Campaign, Agile CRM, Autopilot, AWeber, Clock Funnels, Curated, Mailchimp, MailerLite, etc.

Platforms: Web.

13) Sendgrid

Sendgrid is an email verification tool that provides workflows and automation facilities to send transactional emails. You can send automated emails just using a simple trigger. It is one of the best email verification tools to create emails using HTML and drag-and-drop editing facilities.


You can manage scheduling, recipients, testing, and content from one platform.

It helps you to improve deliverability by validating email addresses before you send them.

It provides a real-time email address validation API.

It is one of the best email verification services that help you to connect real-time APIs for email list cleaning.

It enables you to collaborate with your team members with ease.

It enables you to identify mistyped, inactive, non-existent, disposable or shared emails.

Key Specs:

Pricing plans: 1) Free plan, 2) Essentials plan starts at $14.95/month, 3) Pro plan starts at $89.95/month, and 4) Premier plan with custom pricing.

Integration: AWS​.

Platforms: Windows and macOS.

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How to Verify an Email?

In this example, we have shown how to verify email with the help of an email verification tool:

Once you log in, you will see an option for entering emails with three status options 1) Deliverable, 2) Invalid, and 3) Risky.

Step 2) Enter the email address to check for verification.

Step 3) In this case, the email id we have used for the example is safe. Therefore, there is a message shown that your email address is safe to send because it’s Deliverable.

Step 5) In this case, you can see the result displays it is invalid.

Step 6) In this scenario, we will use one more email address.

Step 7) Here, the result showing that it is a risky email address. We should not send mail to this email id.


Some best email verification software are:







An Email Validation tool uses an easy-to-use and sophisticated email verification system to check for syntax regularity. However, a standard email verification system goes above JavaScript. It uses AI and multi-layer testing to identify troublesome email addresses in real time.

Many email verification tools use data to predict the likelihood of an email being a hard bounce. Each email that runs through this system is categorized using a scoring system and 30 different diagnostic codes. Also Check:- Best Free Anonymous Email Account

Some email verification tools are priced on a pay-as-you-go model with payment at the end of the month, depending on how many emails were sent. Others provide a monthly subscription which allows for a certain amount of emails each month. These subscriptions allow users to pay overages to send additional emails, but doing so often costs extra money.

Email verification tools help you reduce email bounce rates by detecting spam email accounts and removing inactive email addresses from your email list. They keep only legitimate email accounts in your email list to reach active readers and avoid any spam.

Email validation tools perform the following checks to reduce bounce rate:

Email Address and Syntax Check

Check for spam Trap

Disposable Email Address Check

Role-based Account Check

Blackhole (RBL) to the blocklist

Domain/MX Records Check

Final Verification

An email lookup tool or an email finder tool allows getting a lead’s email address based on personal data. This may include their name, the company’s name, links of social media handles, etc.

Here are some common features of email verification tools:

Accuracy level of email verification: Various tools use different approaches for email verification. Some email verification tools use publicly available contacts to validate your email list, while others run email server tests.

Verify bulk emails: These tools can perform various checks and remove invalid emails in bulk.

Improves Deliverability: These tools validate email addresses to improve your delivery, open, and response rate.

Catches spammers: You can validate email addresses that exist for the sole purpose of catching spammers at work.

Collaboration: It enables you to collaborate with your team members with ease.

Integration: It allows you to connect with an extensive list of email marketing services.

Domain validation: Identifies inactive emails or have invalid domains and marks them as spam or abuse.

Best Email Verification Tools

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